I consider myself to be an image-maker. Many of my pictorial narratives re-invent scenes I remember from my childhood. Growing up on a farm in rural Ontario, I have become again interested in that familiar landscape as a constant backdrop for the events (past and present) which are acted out. Certain rooms – familiar fragments of furniture, of architecture – or fields and houses reappear. Some images read as allegories – I have created myths out of my own history. There is a collapsing of the ordinary and the sublime into a single moment, where every event is laden with symbolism and significance.

I began my art training at the University of Toronto, studying art history, painting, drawing and sculpture, before discovering glass blowing at Sheridan Collage. Upon graduation I completed three years working as an artist-in-residence at the Harbourfront Glass Studio in Toronto. Currently I live and work in Clarksburg, near Georgian Bay – sharing my life with 2 cats, my teenage son, and a flock of unruly chickens.


I have worn regular paths through the valley where I live, driving to town for this and that. Like the deer have their trails, and the foxes, there are certain houses and fields I pass by, remarking on them and marking my progress. Here is the red house that used to be blue, here’s the fancy brick place, here’s the barn that’s painted two colours…. I imagine the inhabitants and their daily lives, count each familiar building like a hopscotch song from here to there.